Today, you begin, walking forward, step by step, into your story: your future history; your life.

And you are going to make the quality of your story.


Because, while you walk forward towards your horizon, you also choose:

Whether you are to be the hero/heroine, or whether you are going to be the one who is the other sort.  The kind who does badly by themselves and the world around them: The villian.

It’s always your choice…  Choose wisely. Always.


So come with me.  Let’s set the ground rules , one at a time, for your journey, from this day hence.


And because it takes time to learn some of these rules, not here (can you see me pointing at my head?), but here (see me pointing at my heart).

I will give you these rules a little at a time. In fact, one at a time.

So you can digest.  So that you can absorb.

So that these rules become a part of you, just as the food that you eat becomes part of your body.


But the important difference here, is consistency.

Keeping on keeping on.

Simply because we begin so many things in life.  And then we give up.

After 1 day.  After 2.  After 10.

But especially when we are so close to making it all a natural part of us.  A habit that has an octopus-like grip on us, and won’t let go: to our benefit.



That’s why I want you to sign up.  (Yes, another choice that I guide you to make.  Click here and  use the form at the bottom of the page).

So that you get my newsletter.  Reminding you regularly.  Feeding your brain periodically.

Empowering you.

And helping you to keep on.

So you’ve made Choice No. 1.

To sign up.  And to have me as your guide.


Nice choice.  Congratulations.

You’ve started out well with one of our ground-rules.  The “Choose Wisely” Rule.


It can make you the hero/heroine of the rest of your life movie.  One where others will look up to you, and learn from you.


Talk soon.