Just got back from an interesting little suburb here in Sydney, where I get many of my provisions for my bakery business (dRego’s Bakery, Annandale, Sydney)

It’s so interesting to watch people.

People of all ages.

But I especially look at the older ones.

Definitely, different shapes and sizes, as all of us are.


But one thing that’s such a common thread… this trying to hide or disguise how old we really are:

With hair dye.

With pancake makeup.

With sunnies that cover the eyes even indoors.


And sure, a dark hair dye does make one look younger.

Makeup can hide wrinkles to some extent.

Sunnies can cover the bags under your eyes.


But one thing that we cannot hide is our performance:

Our ability to walk confidently.  Or run.


And that’s the point I want to make to you: What really matters to me, is my freedom.



I want to be able to move around, especially alone.  Without needing a helping hand.  (Don’t you?)

I want to be able to yank a steering wheel this way or that, to be able to drive confidently.  Give me that Freedom of the Road.  (Don’t you?)

I want to be able to be able to push a trolley down the aisles of the supermarket, without needing my now-grown-up child along to do the heavy lifting. (Don’t you?)

Give me that freedom to go where I want to go, when I want to go, on the spur of the moment, if need be. (Don’t you?)

I want to be able to do EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE  without scheduling an appointment with a carer. (Don’t you?)


I want to have the Freedom to do all my daily stuff.  On my own.  

I want to be Independent.


I’m sure you want the same for yourself, as you, too, get older.


I, Mel d’Rego, want the same for you as well.

I want this for all older people who are heading downhill, who are daily, weekly, losing the capacity to perform.


And who, because of this loss of capacity, are Depressed, Disheartened, and Down on Life.


I hate that I see so much depression and waiting-for-death/put-me-out-of-my-misery in the eyes of so many older people.


I want you to be Powerful, more Dynamic than 95% of older people, of your age.

I can get you to that place.  If you will allow me to show you the way.


Sign up, and get empowered to be the person you’d always dreamed about, to be You: Flying. Free.  However old you may be.


There’s a revolution happening, in the way we age.  In the way we move towards that distant horizon.

Come along.  Join the gang now, and change your future.

(Yes, it takes a change of mind, a paradigm shift, as it were.  Many, many of us, may find it hard to do that.

Which is why you have this place of empowerment: uLookinGreat.com, to help you find your way to a Powerful You, whatever your age.

Sign up now.  For a better future.)