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Hello everybody and welcome to the Performant @ 50 + podcast.

Today I’m going to speak about just a normal day in my life just so that you will know what a busy or what a very ordinary kinda person I am.

As some of you may know from my previous podcasts, picking up bits and pieces here and there, I am currently working as a baker/pastry chef for my own business. I run it in Annandale it’s call dRego’s bakery at 87 Booth Street, (Annandale, Sydney). So let me go through a normal day in my life. I’m no great Internet to marketer, no great shakes at the Internet, though I’ve got some background in IT. But that’s not what I’m about here right now, here on this podcast. I’m about helping you guys, who i really love, I love dearly, helping you guys, who are getting into your older years. Helping you guys to stay fit, to have a great quality of life, and that is working on your body, which in turn will help your mind, and the spiritual part of you.

And so my day begins, generally, at 2:25 when the alarm goes off, when my phone goes off. I love the Samsung Android and have never been able to get into the iPod or the iPhone. I somehow find that it’s quite a bit different, anyway, each to his own, horses for courses…
So at 2:25 my Samsung goes off with its little tune and I’m up like a rocket. Dress up, pick up whatever I’ve got to pick up, make a coffee for myself… so I have a black coffee, I put it into a flask and take that along and drive down to Annandale. It takes me in the region of half an hour. On the way I might pick up some milk or whatever is needed for the shop but they’re generally it’s only milk.

So, I come down, and depending on which day it is, I might have Johnny there in the shop, already working away, clearing out stuff, getting ready for the day’s work. Or I might be alone. If I’m alone I get in there and… so that’s about 3, 5 past 3, and then I get in there make the Danish I might have to make the Danish, I might have to make pie meat, I might have to make a variety of stuff. And then I get into the bread, to the bread, by the time I’ve finished the bread in the sourdough and stuff like that it’s pretty much 5:30. And they’re all proving away in the prover… (As some of you might know a prover is like a cupboard, or any container, where you can put in your bread and it gets a bit of steam and the steam helps to heat up the environment so that the bread will rise: the yeast or the other other stuff like in the sourdough or not necessarily yeast, (though I suspect that there is some yeast goes into it through the air). So, so that’s sour dough without the yeast and it’s got all the natural material (natural yeasts and bacteria) that helps to raise the sourdough. So I mould the bread, put it into the prover, it starts proving and by 5:30 till the loves of bread, (because I have make quite a number of loaves of bread for the day-care which takes 10 to 12 loaves of bread everyday). So there’s a day-care which takes some bread and then there’s a public school Annandale North Public School, which buys our bread, as well and a few other things like pies and stuff on Friday. So the bread goes in by about 5:30 and it’s out by 6:10 or something like that.
And in the meantime I start making up the pies and start popping them in the oven…So we have a variety of pies, we’ve got the plain pies….As you might know in Australia here, we are quite big on pies. (It’s like either a snack food or a main meal) and so we have pies and chicken and leek pie, we’ve got mushroom (meat and mushroom), bacon and cheese and stuff like that, and curry pies. So I make up the pies, and then the empanadas, which is like a turnover, and the samosas, which is a veggie turnover, which is a spicy veg Indian kinda thing… I make all of these, and put them in the oven, mind them so that they don’t get burnt, and keep taking out the bread rolls as they go in and out of the oven…bread rolls and Danish, croissants, they all keep coming out…

And then I retreat, because by 6:30 the girl in the front of the shop arrives and they start setting up the shop and I retreat into the back of the shop where I stand making various things, depending. So there may be brownies or almond-apricot slices, eclairs, turnovers, Lamingtons… I don’t know if you guys have heard about Lamingtons, but Lamingtons are like sponge (cubes) dipped in a chocolate sauce, a light chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut… But nice, got a nice light dessert or snack.

Yeah, so I go through and make all the stuff… the cheesecakes, we make a whole stack of stuff, so there’s a white and dark chocolate truffle cake… that’s our speciality, one of our speciality and we top it with the blueberries and raspberry coulis and we’ve got the mango cheesecake, cold-set mango cheesecake, and get a whole stack of stuff so…. all different kinds it is a very very very big this thing…. so I am hard-pushed to finish within 9 hours of starting.

So it’s very rarely that I get away by 12 o’clock… I’m usually away by about… like today I’m on my way by about 2:15, so that was pretty much 11 and a quarter hours (work). Then there’s the cleanup and… due to the age of the shop (premises) the shop is ancient, we’ve had it only a short time… we need to make a lot of changes and improvements in the shop… One of them is to put in the dishwasher… currently the dishwasher is much-debated about, where it is going and how is it going in… We need to move a lot of things before a dishwasher can go in, so that will free up my time as well….

And then as soon as I can go off I say bye to my lovely wife who has already taken over from the girl in the morning, and then I take off. And often I have to dash and cut short my work, because I leave stuff for the next day… because 3 days a week I’m at the gym.

3 days, I believe, is the absolute minimum you need to work out. I’m not a young man and I know that I need to work out. I need to keep my strength. But it’s not only strength. It’s a lot of other benefits that come from high quality movement. So I dash home and, yeah, on the way I might have to pick up the meats from the meat supplier… take it home chuck it in the second fridge that we have… I get frozen berries, meat, depending on what we we’re running short of.

And then, time for gym! On some days, going to the gym… then Brendon picks me up because by that time I’m quite tired, and tend to be dozy, and so Brendan picks me up and we are off to the gym. Brendan’s a great guy to know… I’m really glad he’s my training partner, and we have become very good friends, of mine….We try not to chat that much, but some days we chat too much depending on what’s happening in our lives… but generally will go in and do a rope climb like we did yesterday. The first thing is we climb rope. Three times we go up, down and then Brendon takes over. Either Brendan starts or I start. We follow each other up and down the rope, take turns, that’s become our new challenge (until it’s going to get old hat and then we’re going to do some other stuff…Add it on, not drop the rope climbing but add it on, to that it challenges even more.

The next thing? I don’t know what it’s going to be. Suspect it might be something to do with the Rings… you know the Iron Cross, and stuff like that, gymnastics, then. Yeah, and then after that once were done…. yesterday we did deadlifts… currently we’re doing 8 repititions and 4 sets of a each repetition… so that’s about 32 repetitions and we take it as heavy as possible… we log it all in a book, so that we know what we did the last time, and we’re trying to always beat the previous record. So we write that down. So there was deadlifts and then there were shoulder presses and with the shoulder presses, we do front raises, to strengthen different parts of the shoulder. After that we did pullups, so this time we had around waist we had 5 kilo weights but we should be going up, to lift a little bit more, and a little bit more, so that your back gets really strong with all that resistance exercise.

And then we did twisty press, it’s a press with a bit of a twist, a chest press. So I did 2 sets of that…
Normally we would have done… but because I often bounce stuff off of Brendon yesterday yesterday we ate into some of our time…. and I do not recommend this kind of thing happening but it does happen, and it’s part of the whole community aspect of exercising. So try your level best, but don’t get upset if things like that happen.

So yesterday we didn’t do our lunges. We were going to do 4 sets of lunges, 4 sets of 60 metres of lunges, yeah it’s great for the quads, strengthens the quads…

Yes after that went home cooked up some bolognaise, left it on the stove cooking away, asked my daughter to switch it off at the right time.

I had a nap, I tried to go to sleep but because I’ve had some very bad hayfever kinda thing which has attacked the sinuses on the right side, the right side of my face, is so very difficult to sleep and I don’t know if I actually had any sleep.

Then my wife arrived from the shop having closed the place, and so she arrived and we had a big chat and dinner and by about 10 I was back into bed.

But I didn’t really have less than the recommended amount of sleep. I recommend about 7, 7 and a half hours sleep, but with the way that I’m currently, in the business, and with all the other stuff I’ve got to do, I get the “ split-shift” of sleep…yeah, I’m lucky if I can get… cause there are so many things tugging at me…. my daughter’s doing her HSC, my one and only daughter, is doing her HSC, so I have a bit of a chat with her and then my youngest son… my youngest son likes to share some of the videos that he is watching on YouTube or something of that so I spend some time with him, and then the cooking for the family for the dinner, that takes up a bit of time…. guess I’m lucky to get the required amount to sleep ….

But that’s my day…

And I would like you guys, I really love you dearly and I want you to be looking after yourself, seriously looking after yourself, from a pro-active point of view….
Look ahead at what is coming, and how you’re going to prevent it all….Issues that could arise and that will arise it is. Really, it really breaks my heart to see people, to see all the people shuffling with very small steps because they’ve lost the musculature in the legs…. it really hurts me to see them trying to bend over when they drop something, being so scared of tumbling over, because I don’t have the physical wherewithal to be able to do this kind of thing. It really breaks my heart.

So I want you guys to really look after yourself, because if you look after the physical part of you, I will guarantee you, that the mental part of you will be very well taken care of, It might not be a 100 percent, but a good, solid, part of it, will be looked after.

You will have ensured a good solid part of your mental health by looking after your physical health.

So, that’s it folks have a nice day and I will talk to you next time… Now that you know what I’m about and that I’m a busy person, but still, I make the time…. I make the time to go to the gym because there is no better medicine than preventative medicine.

So I love you all, thanks for listening and if you want to put in a couple of comments…. and don’t forget to like us on iTunes, because we need every bit of help to get out there to the world….

My vision is to get a million downloads per episode, to touch a million people. I know it’s a big thing… Currently I know I might be having zero, or very close to zero people that I’m touching. But I want you to spread the word. And keep encouraging each other.

Create this community that is looking to improve the quality of life for all who are over 50 and going into the older years.

I love you guys, talk to you next time.

So go out there, have a fantastic day. Take action to improve your body, fuel your mind and feed your spirit, lifting yourself into the 5 to 10% of the people who are carving out the best time of their life for themselves. And don’t forget to share the performant @ 50 + podcast with those that you care about, so that in turn their quality of life improves, instead of rapidly going downhill as they age. Very importantly please rate us on iTunes, making it easier to find us, for all those who need help ageing in style.

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