In this podcast, I want to (again?) lift your awareness about your protein intake.

The older you get, the more protein you need: for your muscles, (and brain, circulatory system, etc), as well as to keep tension on those tending-towards-osteoporotic bones that support your body.

Your protein metabolism falls drastically.  So you need more coming in, double to more than double.

Vegetarians, get your protein from supplements that combine 2 or more protein sources.

Vegans, you’re doing the wrong thing for your body, anyway, so, if you have been vegan for some time you’ve already done yourself a disservice.  I will go into this discussion in another podcast.

So older, ageing/aging vegans, get off that wagon, and see the light.  Please.  For your own sake, as you age, you need a high level of (preferably) animal-based protein.

Want to learn more about Ageing/Aging in style, proactive ageing/aging, or most importantly, being capable, confident and contributing as you get older? (We call that last being “Performant”, hence this “Performant @ 50+ Podcast”.

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