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Hey good morning and we’re on another segment of the Performant@50+ podcast.  

I’m all pumped because after work I’m going to be in the gym again ready for another solid session. You might know that due to my work commitments I have reduced my gym sessions to 3 days a week.


Unfortunately. I really appreciate go I’m having the time to go in to the gym everyday of the week and most of you might be very very fortunate in that you can, if you wish to, go to the gym.


However I was talking about how people after 50,especially those after 50,  should not go on a diet.  


The basic thing with diets, is that most people have: deprivation of calories, lessening of calories and too often the diet is about reducing fat, of course, but due to the reduction of calories what happens is that many people lose a lot of muscle. Losing muscle, tend to feel weaker, but muscle is so important, so important, after 50.  The more muscle you have, the better you are, the more able you are.  


In fact I was listening to an  ABC News Item on Radio National, quite some time ago,  and there was this discussion about how people with a higher BMI, that means people with a higher weight to body height ratio tend to live longer than people with the right, er, correct BMI number, (And I forget what that number exactly is).


The recommended BMI is a danger zone especially as people tend to keep themselves a little leaner, a little smaller.  With the result that their muscle is on the lower side.  


The lower the muscle amount, the lower the musculature, the less is the longevity, the lower is the life expectancy for the people.  So the takeaway from  that news item, the discussion that they had on the ABC, (and I should go and fossick it out, and put it on my blog,) but the takeaway was that those with more muscle, even those people who tended to be with more fat live longer.  They have a better life expectancy.  


So what is important with regard to this higher BMI?  The importance is to have more muscle.   


More muscle, more muscle helps you to walk around to perform, basically you are able to to do things rather than being stuck in a (walking) frame.   

So the takeaway for today is don’t diet, find out how to lose fat, better than taking on your norm, your run of the mill your diet so that you can lose a little bit of fat.


But, you’re better off holding onto the fat and holding onto the muscle, than losing the muscle in an attempt to lose the fat.  

So take this away my friends and look after yourself especially as you’re going deeper and deeper into the grey years.  
All the best for today. See ya.


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