She yelled out. “Just be positive. That’s  all we need as we age.”

We were at a rotary meeting and I was the key-note speaker for the evening., talking about Proactive Ageing/Aging.

And I’d  just finished giving my listeners a rundown of the 5D’s of growing older: disease, disability, dependence, depression,  and premature death. Just to put a positive spin on getting older, if you get my drift (sad smile).

After all,  isn’t that what we see happening around us, as people age?

One or more of the diseases of aging/ageing hit,
causing some sort of disability,
leading to dependence on partner, children or carers,
and this loss of freedom and capability brings on depression.
And often enough, the disability/disease combination brings on premature death.

That seems to be pretty much the norm.
Which is what I was telling my listeners.

When my heckler (or heckler-ess) piped up.

Now I’m all for positivity. I am the soul of positivity. I exude positivity from every pore of my being.
And I agree about the need for positivity as we grow older.

But there has to be more.

Because positivity finds it hard to keep its happy head up when the 4Ds start hitting us, bam, bam, left, right, centre.

So take a leaf from my page, and start working on your mindset, and your body.
So that those 4Ds are kept at bay, away from your body. And away from your mind.

Join up, and change the future for yourself, the next 20, 30, 40, or 50 years. It’s called the Revolution in Ageing/Aging: Performant@50+.

Join up. Become magnificent.