Hi There,

I’m a busy man, busier than are most, at my stage of life (getting on to 60), working 12 to 15 hours a day (six days a week), at a physically demanding job (baker/pastry chef).
And too often, I don’t have too much time to spend on TV, browsing the web, and even on my backyard.

However, I believe that I’m “intentional”.

What that means is that I see what I need to do to address my goals(Intent),
And I take action on them.


And knowing what happens to us as we humans get older, I have goals around the kind of person (body and soul) that I want to be as I get older, and older.


And therefore I have to make time in order to keep myself strong, fit, vital, a need that’s ever more in my sights as I age.


Another need/goal of mine, is to update my knowledge of ageing, to help you guys become the best generation of “oldies” that there ever was. ( I call it Proactive Aging, and being Performant @ 50+).

So I landed up with a number of podcasts, information that I can access, on the topics that I chose, but most importantly, information that I can get while I’m driving, or working (as I’m so time-poor). The podcaster speaks, I listen. In fact, I even absorb some of this information! *chuckle*


One very useful podcast is this one, by a real geriatric doctor, Leslie Kernisan: Better Health while Ageing

She’s, as would be expected of a doctor, very knowledgeable. Goes into detail about the slew of drugs, pros and cons, etc.

What strikes me, though, is that, while the respected doctor, very often mentions exercise as a general all-round preventative for the issues of ageing, her main focus is addressing the issues that have already arisen (vital for a doctor).

A very common thread in many of the sites that talk about ageing/aging: What to do when you (or a parent) is falling down, getting weaker, losing memory, etc.
Let me call this “Reactive” ageing. Addressing existing issues (and yes, I do repeat myself).


With this site, though, we are about being Proactive about our ageing/aging.

Here, we are about doing the very best for our bodies before things start getting too bad.

(And, of course, if you or a relative, are experiencing problems with strength loss, osteo, etc, you can get help here with our systems).

But again, I emphasize, every older person needs to do what this site suggests, well before these issues hit.

Simply because it’s so much more work addressing muscle/bone/circulation loss when it’s already taken so much of a hold.

  • You need a Mindset that you will definitely need to work at.
  • You need to get into an Action system that will help you get the best of yourself.
  • You need a community to support you.
  • You may even need a mentor who will personally help you and hold you accountable.

You get all of those, right here.


So signup below, and get started: Becoming Proactive about the way you get older.

More so, becoming and being Performant @ (whatever age you are).

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