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Our mission: A more Powerful You, even as you age

We empower you, even as you get older. We teach you to lift your (Physical and Mental) Quality of Life to a higher level. We show you how to be: Strong. Independent. Vibrant. Full of Vitality.  And, yes, Sexy. With our System, incorporating the…


Choose Wisely, especially if you are Over 50

We make a choice, daily, between good and bad, between better or worse. Either by the things we do. Or by the things we choose not to do.  By what we neglect to do.   And it is through those…

I’m one of the “older ones” now: Why should I bother?

There are things, not very good things, that happen to us older folk, as we move out of our forties, into and past our 50s.   Like loss of strength (which leads to a slow-down in all we do). We invite diseases like…

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